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Research-Based Articles and Resources


​The Key to Lifelong​ Health? Moving Everyday​. Outside Online; July 2020

Want ​to Improve Blood Flow to Your Brain? Exercise​ Source: Psychology Today​​; May 2020​

Exercise, Immunity and the COVID-19 Pandemic  Source: American College of Sports Medicine; March 2020

​​​​​Scientific Facts to Fuel Good Health During the COVID-19 Crisis​  Source: LesMills (Research Review); March 2020

Exercise Boosts Motor Skill Learning​  Source: Neuroscience News; May 2020

Daily Steps and Health: Walking Your Way to Better Health   Source: American College of Sports Medicine; June 2019

Tips for Monitoring Aerobic Exercise Intensity (Includes Infographic)  Source: American College of Sports Medicine; n.d.

Physical Activity and Function in Older Age: It's Never Too Late to Start! Source: American College of Sports Medicine; September 2019


Food Safety, Nutrition, and Wellness During COVID-19​  Source: Harvard School of Public Health; May 2020

​​​​Timing Breakfast to Optimize Performance​  Source: IDEA Health and Fitness Association; March 2020


CDC Guidelines for Managing Stress and Coping During COVID-19​  Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention; March 2020

​​Strategies for Dealing with Stress Source: American Council on Exercise; April 2020