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What is Wellness?

The National Wellness Institute states: Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence. We add that wellness is also a conscious, self-directed, and evolving process. 

Our Philosophy

The many dimensions of wellness include physical, intellectual, social. emotional, environmental, financial, and occupational. Our philosophy toward wellness is that taking care of your body is a means of taking care of other areas of your life so that you can be successful.

Take advantage of our programs, facilities, and services as well as other campus resources (listed below) to "Reinvent Yourself and Realize Your Potential."

  • Reinvent Yourself – If you have self-limiting beliefs, we encourage you to “reinvent yourself,” starting today. Re-evaluate how you define what it means to be athletic, social, wealthy, etc., and create a new vision for yourself.
  • Realize Your Potential – All of us have goals and dreams and some of us are great at turning those goals into reality. “Realizing your potential” means making decisions daily that support your goals. Perfection isn’t required. Small changes can have a big impact.
Some ways to begin exploring your potential:
  • Try out a new Group Fitness class (over 65 classes each week are FREE with your student, faculty, staff OR community membership!)
  • Get a group together to play Intramural Sports (a variety of sports offered each quarter - FREE as a student member!)
  • Find out more about nutrition, fitness and wellness through our FREE Wellness Workshops.
  • Explore more challenging workouts by purchasing a Fitpass or registering for a Specialty Fitness class such as H2O Fit, Boxing, HIIT, Bootcamp, or TRX OR set up a session with a Personal Trainer.
  • Gain some new skills through Outdoor Adventure programs.

Additional Campus Resources