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Virtual Programming

​​​​The first half of 2020 has been a difficult time for everyone and you need to take care of yourself. Sometimes this means being gentle with yourself and sometimes it means taking on new challenges. Whichever you need, we want to provide you with links to activities and programs to help you to enhance your life and well-being. We hope that participating in some of these activities provides you with a​ sense of comfort and/or purpose that carries you through the tough times!



End 2020 off right with a well fit you.

Join our FREE 6-week program that features nutrition and fitness coaching to help educate and motivate you to create the healthiest version of yourself. You will receive weekly workouts, helpful nutrition tips and resources that help you track and better manage your short-term and long-term goals. 

6-weeks starts Monday, October 12th!

All you have to do is sign-up in order to receive a weekly newsletter that will serve as your weekly guide.

Click here to register.

For more information or questions, contact Danielle Arens.

Virtual is the way to go! We've collaborated with friends and partners across the country to provide a full weekly fitness schedule, available in both desktop and mobile formats. Go to our Fitness Classes page to check it out!

As we adjust to the new normal, you may be looking for at-home workouts. In addition to the live workouts we are offering on our Fitness Classes page, here are some great FREE options:

Downdog App

Barre Intensity

Fitness Blender

Les Mills on Demand


Peloton Home App

Pop Sugar Fitness


The Fitness Marshall

Stressful times calls for mindful measures. Sometimes we just need to center ourselves and find focus and peace with our current situation. Here are some resources to help:

- Nature-inspired weekly video series from the Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods: Brushwood Breath Meditation Series

- For a taste of how you might apply Mindfulness to your daily stressors,  Campus Recreation offers free 1-hour sessions on Monday evenings led by a licensed RN and trained Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Facilitator. For a more in-depth Mindfulness exploration, we provide a full 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course offered online. Check these out on our Mindfulness page.

University Mission and Ministry leads and has uploaded Weekly Meditations to their YouTube channel

- Other resources for introspection and spirituality are on the DePaul University Mission and Ministry Facebook page  

- Favorite Meditation and Mindfulness video picks from Yoga-certified instructor and Leader of The Mindfulness Summit, Melli O'Brien.


Are you looking for some fitness advice? Contact us at FIND YOUR FIT! 

Exercise Assistants and Personal Trainers will respond to your questions, whether you're at home and don't know where to start to stay active OR you have some free time on your hands and want to take you at-home training to the next level. Our goals are to help you Find Your Fit and Find Your Fun!

Online Martial Arts for Youth: IMPACT DOJO Vlad's the best! His Dojo provides virtual training during the pandemic as well as, in happier non-pandemic times, school-based programs around northern Illinois and weeked programming at The Ray.

Summer Programming by Fred's Camp Mark at Fred's Camp will offer virtual programming this summer as well as some physical distancing in-person activities (on a trial basis and dedicated to safety!)

Storytime Yoga: Incorporates some great children's books into a yoga activity for young children. Includes such classics as "Going on a Bear Hunt" and "Goodnight Moon" 

Weekly At Home Art and Nature Activities for Children by Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

If you have the space, grab that face mask and get out and walk! Check back for upcoming "virtual" outdoor adventures or head to our  Outdoor Adventures webpage for more information on our program.

Virtual National Parks Tours: Missing the Outdoors and want to go exploring? This is the place for you!

Join HPW for our WELLNESS WEDNESDAY'S series! Each week (at NOON!) we will be talking about all things related to health and wellness during this 30-minute bite sized session. We will be checking in with one another, diving deep into holistic well-being and offering a time to re-energize and rejuvenate during the busy work day.

These sessions will be co-hosted by our HPW professional staff and HEAT peer educator students. We encourage you to take 30-minutes every Wednesday to join us for our Wellness Wednesdays. We welcome students, staff and faculty to join us!

Upcoming Sessions: Find these sessions on the University Calendar for the Zoom Meeting Link

This can be a difficult time for all of us. But we can get through this together. Health advocates recommend the following for optimal mental and physical health.

    • Maintain a healthy diet and eat regularly (planned snacks are fine, but don't overdo it!)
    • Set up a schedule for yourself and aim to accomplish a couple of goals each day
    • Get enough sleep (it's tempting to fall asleep late in front of the TV, but try to maintain your regular sleep schedule)
    • Exercise!! This doesn't have to be hardcore; just be active:
      • stretch several times each day,
      • use  your own bodyweight or books/household objects for strength training
      • go for a walk or jog** using social distancing guidelines
      • **Please Note: "

Illinois Shelter In Place Order

      "Includes the ability to engage in outdoor activity including walking, hiking, running or biking and going to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas, except for playgrounds."