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Nutrition Consultations

A healthy life doesn't just require physical activity, it is also dependent on healthy eating. To determine if you are on the right path, schedule a meeting (60 minutes) with a Registered Dietitian. Whether you are looking to manage your weight or want to ensure you are eating properly for optimal performance, a session with one of our Registered Dietitians can help! Your first step is to track what you eat for three days (including at least one weekend day) in a dietary recall log that will be evaluated by a dietitian. After discussing your goals, you will work with the dietitian to create an action plan for healthy eating and maximum performance.

About Our Dietitians

Our service providers are not simply “nutritionists,” they are Registered Dietitians (RD). RDs may call themselves “nutritionists,” but not all nutritionists are dietitians! The RD is the food and nutrition expert who has acquired a nutrition-related degree, passed a national exam, and completed a supervised practice program. Our dietitians are available to help you improve your eating habits for weight management, disease prevention & management, and maximize sport performance.

Packages and Fees

Single Session
Use a single consultation to get an assessment of your current eating habits and strategies on how you can improve. It's a terrific solution for people who want to cut through the clutter of misinformation out there and find out what's best for them.

Three Session Package
Use a three-pack to check in with your dietitian periodically to get ongoing direction and support in your quest for healthier eating. Three-packs are a great option for those looking for help with behavior change through support and accountability, as well as athletes looking for regular coaching on optimum nutrition.

Nutrition Consultations - 60 Minutes
Student/Member Non-Member
1 Session $50 $80
3 Sessions $135 $225

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