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8-15 Participants 16-30 Participants 31-45 Participants 46-60 Participants
DePaul University $40/hour $60/hour $80/hour $100/hour
Non-Profit Community Groups $65/hour $85/hour $105/hour $115/hour
Corporate Organizations $85/hour $105/hour $125/hour $135/hour

Team Challenges can be any duration in length depending on your activity objectives. Group rates listed are for challenges lasting up to three hours. Discounted group rates are available for challenges lasting more than three hours.

Suggested Length of a Team Challenge:
1 hour = getting to know the individuals in a group very well with one activity exploring group dynamics.

2 hours = getting to know individuals in the group, exploring group dynamics, and activities to challenge the group.

3 hours or more = fully investigating group dynamics and working through challenges the group wishe​s to solve.