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Career Advising: College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Ed Childs serves all LAS undergraduates and graduates. Learn more about Ed and  discover how to schedule an appointment today.


Meet with Ed to talk about:

  • Resume and portfolio development
  • Job and internship search strategies
  • Majors, minors and career paths
  • Finding work that matches your values
  • Career exploration
  • Graduate school options

To schedule an appointment with Ed, call (773) 325-7431 or reserve a time online in Handshake. If you are just getting started, or are interested in a resume review, please visit a peer career advisor. Weekly walk-in hours are available.

Tips & Resources

Explore Your Purpose: Exploring your purpose starts with knowing yourself and recognizing your resources, skills and talents.

Define Your Skills: LAS graduates have key transferable skills, which can sometimes be difficult to articulate on a resume or in an interview. To narrow these, look at page 5 of our Resume Packet and note the skills where you can provide concrete examples from class or volunteer work, for example. Then, place asterisks next to the skills you enjoy most. These skills should be highlighted on your resume, used as job search terms and mentioned in interviews.

Research Potential DePaul Mentors: Explore and connect with DePaul University's Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) mentors. Consider asking mentors about personal and professional transitions and how they got started in their industry or role. 

Explore on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great resource to help you discover skills needed for various roles. Perusing the Alumni Pages, or See Alumni button on DePaul's LinkedIn page, can provide information about career path options and how other LAS graduates got to where they are today.

Tap Into Handshake: Discover additional LAS resources on Handshake. On this database, you can also find job or internship listings, career-related events, and more.