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Experiential Learning Curriculum Resources

Incorporate career development into your curriculum

By partnering with the Career Center, you will have access to career exploration opportunities that can occur in or out of the classroom. The following are possible course assignment ideas or collaboration opportunities:

  • Create a Customized Practice InterviewInterviewStream is a video mock interview system. It includes a faculty module that allows you to create custom assignments using pre-recorded video questions that can be emailed to students. Check out the Faculty Guide for tips.
  • Host a guest speaker — Career Center advisors and staff are available to attend classes to speak about career planning and job searching, as well as industry and population-specific topics. Speakers can also share information on relevant opportunities, resources and events during their visit. We can speak for ten minutes or deliver a specialized presentation that fills a whole class period. We can also help connect you to employer and alumni guest speakers.
  • Attend a career event or fair — Bring your class to an event or fair, or incorporate workshop or networking event attendance into a professional development and reflection assignment.
  • Assign a resume, portfolio or cover letter critique — Students may schedule an appointment for a critique or take advantage of weekly walk-in hours at both campuses.
  • University Internship Program

    The University Internship Program (UIP) offers courses that fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement. UIP Faculty Director Lynne Copp assists faculty in creating and enhancing academic internship and career development courses. 

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  • Career Center Staff Expertise

    The Career Center staff offers more than student advising. Our staff can provide insight into industry trends, data and information on DePaul's graduates, connections to employer partners and alumni, and much more.  

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  • Transferable Skills Initiative

    The Transferable Skills Initiative helps students identify and articulate transferable skills for life after DePaul. It helps students understand how skills connect to majors and careers, and demonstrates the value of their degree. 

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