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Explore Your Career Interests

It starts with knowing yourself! You are the foundation for career exploration

Shaping a fulfilling future is all about knowing yourself, your passions, interests and skills—then working to find a career that aligns with them. Our career advisors are here to support you at every step. If you’d like to do some exploration on your own, here are some questions and resources to consider:

  • Which topics are you most naturally drawn to? Utilize these exploratory resources to help you discover your professional identity and interests.
  • What are your values? Values greatly influence the career decision making process, job satisfaction and, ultimately, life satisfaction. Define and understand your values through these self-assessments:
  • What are your strongest skills? Assessing your skills will allow you to determine which ones you want to acquire or further develop, and how your skills match with potential careers.
    • Attend the “Identify Your Skills and Accomplishments” workshop, offered quarterly by the Career Center.
  • What are your interpersonal needs? Personality preferences and interpersonal needs are related to your individual, innate nature and tend to be consistent over time. Understanding these preferences and needs allows you to see correlations between the way you make decisions and your work style.

Explore Majors and Careers with FOCUS2

The FOCUS2 platform is designed to help you identify and learn about career paths and majors that may be of interest to you through career assessments, occupational profiles, and examples of careers related to DePaul’s undergraduate majors. Access FOCUS2 any time (available 24/7) from any place (desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly) by logging in HERE!

Receive Customized Services!
In an effort to tailor our offerings to your needs, the Career Center may reach out via email to inform you of services, events, opportunities, and resources that match your assessment results and saved occupations and majors.

Explore Your Purpose at DePaul

At DePaul, we want you to not only strive for academic and career success, but also live a life grounded in meaning and purpose. Check out resources and events to assist you in recognizing your goals, skills and talents. 

Explore Skills and Careers in 2-Credit Courses

Explore how your values, interests and preferences connect with career paths and how skills developed in courses and campus activities transfer to the workplace. These 2-credit exploratory courses, offered through the University Internship Program, include hybrid and online options. The courses do not require an internship and do not fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement.

  • UIP 240: “Career Pathways: Explore Career Options”: Analyze values, skills and personality preferences and connect them to career possibilities
  • UIP 241: “Uncover Your Skills”: Understand how your academic studies, work, and campus activities transfer to the work place and learn how to articulate your skills in a way that will impress potential employers.

Connect with Alumni in your field of interest

DePaul University’s Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) is a network of over 1,000 DePaul alumni and friends who volunteer to share their stories and perspectives on work values, cultures and more.

Research Occupations

Utilize O*NET Online to research occupations and discover the knowledge, skills and abilities needed in a variety of positions. You can also check out the DePaul Library's career information collection.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! A career advisor can help guide you through your exploration process.