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Luciano Berardi, PhD

Luciano Berardi joined the TRIO McNair Scholars community as a graduate assistant in 2005, and he currently oversees the McNair Scholars, Arnold Mitchem Fellows and CAA Research Lab programs. Luciano is responsible for developing and overseeing activities for all three programs, including research-focused programming such as the Summer Research Opportunity Program, Summer Research and Service Experience and Graduate Preparatory Academy.

Since 2006, he has worked on a number of research projects on issues regarding educational transition of underrepresented groups, mentoring in academia, and issues of access and disparities in education at the Department of Psychology and the Center for Access and Attainment at DePaul University. He also serves as an affiliate faculty member in DePaul's Community Psychology program.

Luciano holds a license in clinical psychology from Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also holds both an MA and PhD in psychology from DePaul.​