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Amanda Parada-Villatoro

Amanda Parada-Villatoro has been assistant director for Community Outreach since February 2011. Amanda is responsible for developing and managing pre-college academic enrichment summer programming and initiatives. She also assists in implementing strategies to create and build relationships with targeted schools and community organizations to establish pathways toward college.

A particular passion of Amanda's is educating students and parents on the academic, social and financial requirements needed to gain entry into college. She has presented at conferences on topics including strengthening partnerships between school districts and universities, developing college student personnel, and utilizing peer outreach to target youth underrepresented in higher education.

Prior to DePaul, Amanda gained admission experience working at Rockford College in her hometown of Rockford, Ill. Amanda is an active member in several professional higher education associations, including the Illinois Association of College Admission Counselors, the National Association of College Admission Counselors, the Illinois College Access Network and the National Partnership for Educational Access.

Amanda holds a BA in communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a MA in multicultural and organizational communication from DePaul.​