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Kumail Soni

"I think I blended into student and campus life really easily at DePaul."

"Originally, I'm from Pakistan. I came to the states in 2010 when I was 17. I had a good high school experience coming from a different culture. I finished my senior year at Lemont High School. After I graduated, I did my freshman year of college at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU). But from my senior year of high school, I really wanted to go to DePaul. I applied for scholarships but I didn't get all that I needed, so I went to SIU. After my freshman year at SIU, I applied to DePaul, got a great financial aid package and transferred. I was so glad. I knew that DePaul had amazing accounting and finance programs. And it's a big plus to study in the city and be close to so many accounting and finance firms.

"My transition to DePaul was pretty smooth. The summer before I arrived at DePaul, I got familiar with the campus and met with my advisor. I got excited about studying accounting and finance, and about internship possibilities. I think I blended into student and campus life really easily at DePaul. There are a lot of international students and international communities represented across campus. It was really important to me to have opportunities to make friends that are of other cultures."

"The most helpful part of being in SSS has been the advising."

"One of my cousins who graduated from DePaul told me to apply to the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program. He said he had a great experience in SSS. I did some research to learn more and I really got interested in applying. The most helpful part of being in the program has been the advising. My advising sessions have helped me realize where I am in my studies and what I need to accomplish in the short and long term. Also, the peer tutoring is really helpful. I've made quite a few appointments with the SSS tutors — especially for help with English, accounting and finance — and the tutors have been there for me and have been a big help. SSS participants also get an advantage in signing up for classes early, which is really helpful because my accounting and finance classes fill up quickly."

Kumail's support system — from SSS to family and professors — has helped him succeed at DePaul.

"My parents have been so helpful. Because of them, I was able to come to the states. They provided me with the opportunity to attend high school here and have supported me thus far during my first two years of college. I'm really glad about the opportunities they have given me. Other than that, my professors have given me a lot of guidance and principles that I am able to use in my internship right now and eventually in my job. I am definitely proud of the relationships that I've developed with my professors. They are helpful for networking for future jobs or any guidance I might need. I can email them over the weekend or any time, and they know me and will respond.

"Looking for internship opportunities was a challenge for me. You need to know what an interviewer wants and that was something that I had no idea about. I visited DePaul's Career Center and they helped me to overcome my fear. Now I have a tax internship at Cook County Assessors' Office. After DePaul, I know I will pursue becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). I will graduate from DePaul with all the requirements to sit for the CPA exam. Then I want to earn a Master of Business Administration degree and work for a firm like KPMG or PricewaterhouseCoopers."​