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The Center for Access and Attainment produces research and papers centered on issues of access and attainment that stimulate campus, community and international discourse. We offer here a selection of published works. (These works have been reproduced with permission of the copyright owner; further reproduction without permission is prohibited.)


Arnold L. Mitchem Fellowship Luncheon
Arnold L. Mitchem, president of the Council for Opportunity in Education, was honored at a May 8, 2013, celebration of the first full year of the Arnold L. Mitchem Fellowship program, housed within the Center for Access and Attainment. Nearly 75 students, faculty and administrators attended the luncheon in Cortelyou Commons at the Lincoln Park Campus. DePaul's president, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, introduced Mitchem and lauded his work nationally as an advocate for low-income and first-generation students in higher education over the past 40 years. During the keynote, Mitchem praised DePaul, and Catholic higher education overall, for its demonstrated commitment to college access for underserved populations at a time when the educational gaps between income groups are widening.

  • Keynote address offered by Arnold L. Mitchem, president of the Council for Opportunity in Education (PDF)

Research Reports

CPS College Bridge at DePaul University: 1998-2009
This report offers data and profiles of student participants, parents, counselors, administrators and DePaul faculty on the outcomes of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) College Bridge program at DePaul. College Bridge was a dual enrollment program that provided the opportunity for qualified high school students to take courses at participating colleges and universities. DePaul was one of the six founding partners with CPS for the College Bridge program and remained the largest university partner, with more than 1,600 participants over 11 years.

  • CPS College Bridge at DePaul University: 1998-2009 (PDF)


Balancing Market and Mission Symposium
On Oct. 1-2, 2009, the Center for Access and Attainment hosted Catholic higher education institutions from across the nation for a symposium titled "Balancing Market and Mission: Enrollment Management Strategies in Catholic Higher Education." The symposium brought together enrollment and mission leaders to discuss the balance between mission aspirations and market realities as they shape enrollment strategies and outcomes. Also explored were commitments to diversity in enrollment strategy as a manifestation of mission as well as Catholic values and identity as revealed in institutional marketing. Here we offer the official proceedings from the first Balancing Market and Mission symposium.

  • Balancing Market and Mission Symposium Proceedings Booklet (PDF)

Papers and Articles

Beyond Accessibility
"Beyond Accessibility," originally written by Brian Spittle in December 2008 and updated in August 2009, offers an enrollment management perspective on DePaul University's long-standing commitment to student access, and lays out some of the key issues and questions surrounding DePaul's commitment to access in the light of its changed market position.

Brian Spittle has regularly contributed a perspective on American issues in college access to FACE to FACE, the newsletter of the Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE), which is an active United Kingdom-wide network for practitioners involved with access, continuing education and lifelong learning. FACE and its members are at the forefront of the challenges involved in providing learning opportunities for all. The following are articles written by Spittle that appeared in FACE to FACE.