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Virtual Essay Editing Services

Peer editing during a College Connect class

High school curriculum requires students to produce many written assignments, essays, research papers, and reports. Good writing skills are also essential for academic life after high school - most college applications require a personal statement, many also ask for additional essays. Meanwhile, we keep hearing from English teachers and counselors that many high school students often struggle with their written work.

Since the College Access mission includes preparing students for college, and writing is an essential part of that process, we have a team of DePaul students who are proficient in college-level writing and are trained as Peer Editors by the DePaul Writing Center. Each Peer Editor works one-on-one with each student on their essays, no matter how many drafts it takes. Our essay editing services are FREE, fast, and helpful to students looking for quality feedback on their writing. Our Peer Editors can help with any type of written assignments, college application essays, scholarship essays, and more!

How to use our FREE essay editing service:

  • Download our 2020-Essay Editing.pdf for details
  • Go to our online form and follow the instructions
  • Make sure to complete all required fields
  • You’ll be assigned an editor and get feedback from them within 1-2 business days
  • You can submit multiple essays (please submit one at a time)

If you have any questions, email our office at