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Virtual Presentations

College Access Virtual Presentations
​The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way we work and online engagement tools have presented new ways to creatively reach our audiences. The College Access staff continues to work with high school and middle school students over Zoom and Google Meet as well as participate in virtual college fairs and school events to bring our message to students.

In addition to virtual campus visits, we are offering online workshops on various topics, which may be of interest to high school students, parents, school counselors and college coaches. Some of the topics we have presented on so far include:

  • How to excel at the college application process;
  • Where to find money for college;
  • How to write a compelling college essay;
  • Choosing the right college for you;
  • The connection between college majors and real life careers;
  • and many more.
We can present to your students during a school period, on your schedule, using the platform you prefer. We can connect with DePaul faculty or special offices for expert information. We can tailor the presentation to the unique needs of your students and meet your students where they are. We can do a live workshop over Zoom or Google Meet, or provide a pre-recorded video with asynchronous content you can use at your convenience. Feel free to share the info flyer with your colleagues.

If you have a topic in mind that you would like us to address with your students, please complete this form to get us started. If you are interested to find out more, please contact us at