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2019 College Connect - Request For Proposals (RFP)

The Program

College Connect is a FREE, five-week academic enrichment, cultural exploration and career awareness experience that provides Chicago high school students with college exposure through non-credit bearing college-level courses, college readiness workshops, seminars and field trips. Hosted on DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus, College Connect provides dedicated instructors, small class sizes and creative hands-on projects to guide students to rise to college-level expectations.

The Position

We are looking for experienced, committed instructors to teach an engaging course in their field of expertise to high ability high school students. 
College Connect is a 5-week program, July 8-August 9, 2019. Classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 a.m.-12 p.m., on DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus. Coursework must be challenging, tailored for high school juniors and seniors, content must be appropriate for college-level class as well as fun and interactive, and connected to the city of Chicago. 

Past courses included topics such as Race & Hip Hop, Art and Literature of the Marginalized, Cybersecurity in Action, Public Art Campaigns, Hospitality and Leadership, Intro to Web Development, Chicago Religions, Youth Activism, Science of Violence, and many more. Please review our 2018 program web page for more information.

College Connect instructors receive a $3,000 stipend upon completion of the program.

2019 Program Goals

We want to tailor the courses we offer in College Connect to reflect a sampling of real-life college majors that lead to rewarding careers in a variety of industries. We are looking for instructors with expertise in the following fields:
  • Information technology: computer science / coding / app and web development
  • Mathematics: business / finance / data science / statistics / actuarial science
  • Science and health: biology / pre-nursing / pre-med / bioethics
  • Hospitality: customer service / entrepreneurship / management / leadership
  • Fine and digital arts: painting / drawing / graphic design / digital cinema / animation
  • Social sciences: sociology / anthropology / political science / pre-law / psychology
  • Communic​ation: public speaking / marketing / advertising / media studies

2019 College Connect Proposal Guidelines

Course Curriculum and Content

  • Courses should be college freshmen-level with an emphasis on experiential learning through class discussions, relevant field trips and hands-on projects, in addition to lectures and class assignments
  • Courses should incorporate career-exploration and provide options for college majors that the course would address and that lead to careers in a variety of industries
  • Preference will be given to proposals that connect class curriculum to the city of Chicago (e.g., visiting relevant museums, going on neighborhood walking tours, meeting Chicago authors or politicians, etc.)
  • Courses should NOT include college readiness content (e.g., FAFSA completion, writing personal statements, etc.) as that material will be covered in weekly Peer Hour seminars outside of class.

Required Proposal Components

​All proposals MUST include:
  • Course title
  • A general summary of the course
  • Detailed learning objectives
  • Topics that will be covered and how each week’s lectures and projects will accomplish this
  • Examples of potential class assignments and projects (at least one graded assignment per week)
  • A writing component – we work with the DePaul Writing Center on developing the students’ written communication skills and each class must include some form of writing assignments
  • A tentative individual or group final project to be presented in class (details will be finalized in the spring 2019) as well as an abbreviated class presentation to be presented to parents and guests at the Final Presentation Ceremony taking place on August 9. This classroom presentation is to be a part of students’ final grades. The abbreviated presentation for the Final Presentation Ceremony should review the purpose and accomplishments of the course and might take the form of a poster presentation, short video, art display, table demonstration, etc.​
  • Proposed book and materials requirements (each course has to fit within a set budget, the limit for 2018 was $750). Be creative in your choices and keep cost in mind – for example, some readings can be scholarly articles which we can print and copy in our office
  • Your grading policy. We have had instructors in the past who did not see grades as necessary, but some students request high school credit for their College Connect course and high schools need a final grade

Supplemental Learning Resources for Instructors

  • ​Each instructor will be assigned two Peer Guides, DePaul students who serve as classroom assistants and mentors to students. Peer Guides will attend class every day and should be incorporated into the classroom experience. Proposals should include plans to involve Peer Guides in the overall learning objectives of the course
  • We work with tutors from DePaul’s University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL), who will be assigned to each course to support students’ learning and writing development outside of class. Students will meet as a class with their UCWbL tutors for one hour a week on Thursdays during Peer Hours. Tutors will aid student success by designing activities that reinforce classroom goals, and by addressing areas of weakness as identified by instructors. Please keep this in mind when designing your course and add a writing component for each week
  • Guest speakers are welcome in College Connect classrooms, but will not be paid. Guest speaker bios and the topic they will address will be required prior to the date of their visit
  • Please include 2-3 possible Chicago-area field trips when designing your course – once your proposed class gets selected for the 2019 program, you will be required to provide 2-3 concrete ideas for experiences outside of the classroom
  • Please include any special technology and supply needs along with estimated costs in proposal if applicable. All classes will be held on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus where all classrooms have internet access, one desktop computer, LCD projector, white screen and audio capabilities

Expectations for Successful College Connect Instructors

  • ​Have experience teaching teenagers, designing a class curriculum, grading assignments, etc.
  • Be on time and prepared to teach each class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - canceling class is prohibited and any absences must be cleared with the College Connect Program Coordinator in advance
  • Have a daily agenda and make it clear to the students – structure and clear expectations are required in each class
  • Provide a safe space for the students to learn and build upon their skills
  • If/when any conflicts/bullying behaviors arise during the program, instructor is expected to address it in an appropriate, professional manner and also to report it to the College Connect Program Coordinator. Per Illinois Mandated Reporter guidelines, all supervisory adults must report any signs of abuse/harassment.
  • Maintain open and timely communication with Peer Guides, College Connect Program Coordinator, and all College Access staff for the duration of the program
  • Submit a finalized class syllabus to the College Connect Coordinator by May 15, 2019
  • Submit final books/materials list to Collee Connect Program Coordinator by May 15, 2019. After that date and after the orders are placed, any class materials will be the responsibility of the instructor.
  • Attend the Faculty Orientation on a date to be determined in June 2019
  • Meet with their Peer Guides and DePaul Writing Center tutor(s) in June 2019 regarding strategy for written assignments
  • Attend the College Connect graduation event on Friday, August 9, 2019

How to Submit Your Course Proposal

​Priority consideration deadline was Monday, October 8, 2018. Regular deadline was Monday, October 29, 2018. DEADLINE IS NOW EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 10.

Please direct all questions and email complete proposals (including all supplemental materials, such as resume, references, portfolio, etc.) to:

Kate Agarwal
Assistant Director for College Access
College Connect Program Coordinator
DePaul University’s Center for Access and Attainment | 773-325-8375