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Fall Teaching

DePaul’s Fall course schedule provides both on-campus and online modes of instruction to give students options that meet their learning needs. 

For in-person classes, Academic Affairs has scheduled classrooms so that physical distancing can occur with ease, and students and faculty can pass each other safely going to and from classes. Class sizes are reduced, tables and seating will be arranged to promote physical distancing, and no rooms are scheduled with back-to-back classes, all of which will make it easier for Facility Operations staff to sanitize tables and seating after each class.

Faculty can view course delivery options on the Course Modalities page of the Teaching Commons website. Some academic units may allow only a subset of these options. Faculty who wish to express a preference for a particular course modality should consult with their department chair or program director.

Faculty should remain flexible and expect minor adjustments to be made to the schedule throughout the Summer. As always, specific room assignments will appear immediately prior to the start of classes. 

Read more in Interim Provost Salma Ghanem’s June 15 message to the DePaul community.