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Planning In-Person Events

Phase 4 of Chicago’s reopening plan allows for up to 50 people gathering in a space that is sized to promote reasonable physical distancing (6 feet between people). 

In accordance with recommendations from the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and DePaul’s commitment to keeping the community safe, virtual meetings should be considered first and foremost. Departments considering an in-person gathering must demonstrate why a virtual option is impossible.

Outdoor areas may be utilized when and where available (e.g., when not being used for outdoor classes or fitness). Physical distancing must be applied. Please note, as has always been the case, the DePaul Center Terrace and the Lincoln Park Campus Quad must be reserved via Student Centers/Conference Services.


If your department is considering an on-campus event or activity while in Phase 4, the following guidelines apply:

  • Consider virtual alternatives.
  • The gathering must be limited to 50 people or less.
  • All attendees must maintain strict social distancing guidelines of six feet apart or more.
  • A mask or face covering must be worn while on-campus. Exceptions include if you are in a room alone with the door closed.
  • If ANY of the following applies, individuals should stay at home and NOT come to campus:  
  • The department sponsoring the event will be responsible for communicating necessary requirements on health screening prior to coming to campus, social distancing guidelines and face coverings to all attendees prior to the day of the event. The department must also maintain a list of attendees and contact information should it be necessary for contact tracing. 

Request and approval process

To request an on-campus event or activity, please complete the Application for Approval to Hold an Event on Campus During Phase 4 at least five business days in advance of the planned event. Conferences Services and the Community Health and Monitoring team will review the request within three business days. 

Criteria to approve an event includes: 

  • Attendees will not exceed 50 per room.
  • The room itself can accommodate the necessary social distancing.
  • The activity allows for face coverings to be worn.
  • The overall health risk associated with the activity is low.  


Please refer to Chicago’s travel order and communicate with all event attendees that they may need to quarantine if they are traveling from one of the states covered by the order. Every Tuesday, CDPH will update the list of states included in the order and it will go into effect the following Friday.  

For more information or questions, please contact Kyle Janis in Conferences Services at kjanis@depaul.edu.


As per the catering policy, university catering services must be used for all such events. Catering services will begin usual operations starting in the Fall.

Off-campus events

Unit or area heads should discuss off-campus special events with the interim provost or executive vice president, particularly as they relate to travel and with the cost associated with the rental of outside venues. In all cases, program organizers must ensure compliance with all requirements outlined in Phase 4.