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Master of Science in Taxation (Online)

DePaul and the BDO Alliance have partnered to bring the Master of Science in Taxation (MST) program to BDO Alliance tax professionals, allowing BDO Alliance employees to attend classes online from anywhere in the world.

DePaul University's MST program is specifically structured for working professionals to enhance understanding and analysis of complex tax statutes, tax regulations, related cases and rulings, and the Internal Revenue Code. DePaul's program, one of the first MST programs in the United States, has a history of preparing professionals for exceptional performance and leadership in the field of taxation.

Students in the DePaul-BDO Alliance program may begin in the Fall, Winter or Spring terms by enrolling in Tax Research or Federal Income Tax Procedures. By completing one course per quarter (including two out of three summer terms), the degree can be completed in three years and one quarter. This schedule was developed to ensure that students are able to devote the necessary time and energy to their academic studies while maintaining their professional responsibilities in their BDO Alliance firms.


The program is specifically structured for, but not limited to, working professionals to enhance understanding and analysis of complex tax statutes, tax regulations, related cases and rulings, and the Internal Revenue Code. Key elements of the program include:

  • Core courses cover current problems in taxation, federal income tax procedures, tax accounting, periods and methods, tax research, and taxation of corporations and shareholders.
  • Classes are taught in an asynchronous fashion, meaning you will not have to be online at a specific time. You can study and follow the weekly content at your own pace; however, there will be weekly deadlines and assignments to complete.
  • Classwork typically includes a combination of video lectures, online homework or quizzes, examinations, and work with/review of Excel worksheets, chapter materials, PowerPoint presentations, screen narratives and more through a learning web portal. Class content varies based on the class and professor.
  • Students will have the opportunity to meet with their professors weekly in a live webcast where they can ask questions and interact in real time with the professor.
  • Exams are facilitated through a secure online proctoring service. A webcam is required to be able to take exams. Additional details for this will be provided in your online class content.

Degree Requirements

Students complete the MST degree by completing a minimum of 45 credits, normally 12 courses.

Required Courses (6 Courses)
  • ACC 558: Tax Research
  • ACC 560: Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
  • ACC 565: Tax Accounting, Periods and Methods
  • ACC 566: Federal Income Tax Procedures
  • ACC 598: Seminar of Current Problems in Taxation
  • One International Tax Course
Elective Courses Typically Offered (6 Courses)
  • ACC 561: Corporate Reorganizations
  • ACC 562: Consolidated Returns
  • ACC 563: Partnerships
  • ACC 564: Transactions in Property
  • ACC 567: International Aspects of U.S. Taxation
  • ACC 568: Taxation of Closely Held Corporations
  • ACC 570: Concepts of State Income Taxation
  • ACC 571: Estate and Gift Taxation
  • ACC 573: Income Taxation of Estates, Trusts and Decedents 

Career Outlook

Alumni of our taxation program continue to achieve some of the highest career advancement opportunities and are consistently recruited by some of the city's major firms and organizations.

For more information on the Master of Science in Taxation (Online) program for BDO Alliance members, contact:

Diane Kuhlmann, PhD
(312) 362-8361