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DePaul MBA Program for Illinois CPA Society Members

The Illinois CPA Society and DePaul University are exploring interest in offering a 25% discount for an MBA or MST degree for its members. Illinois CPA Society members will have the opportunity to earn their degree together at DePaul’s Loop Campus. Classes start September 2019. 

In the DePaul MST program you will enhance your understanding and analysis of complex tax statutes, regulations, related cases and rulings in courses such as:

  •    Writing for Tax Professionals
  •    ​​​Tax Treatment of Corporations & Partnerships
  •    International Aspects of US Taxation
In ​​the DePaul MBA program you will develop detailed knowledge and skills in
  •   Negotiation Skills
  •   Leadership in Organizations
  •   Ethics and Leadership
  •   Creativity & Innovation in Business

Benefits for Illinois CPA Society Members in the program:

  •  25% tuition discount (approximately $19,000 in savings)
  •  No GMAT, letters of recommendation or admission fee required
  •  Professional network of classmates from companies across the region

Please note that a minimum of 20 students are needed, effective July 15, 2019, to offer the 25% discount. 

If interested in learning more about the programs or to be notified of information sessions planned for the Spring, contact Ed Ramsey at ​