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Modern Language Requirements

We're often asked the question: "Do I need to study a foreign language at DePaul?"  The answer is "yes"... but sometimes "no"... and sometimes "maybe"... but nearly always "you should!"  The truth is that the requirement to study to a foreign language (note: we call them Modern Languages) really depends of the college in which you're studying, and even the specific major you're studying.

But even if you are not required to study a modern language per your academic program requirements, you're strongly encouraged to do so while at DePaul.  The reasons for studying another language are well-documented, and we tend to agree with the experts on this front.

With that being said, we suggest locating your program in the DePaul University catalog to get the most up-to-date information on your major's requirements, including the modern language requirement. We also strongly suggest that you have a discussion about modern languages with your academic advisor once a student at DePaul. They will be able to indicate what is best for each particular student.

If you still have questions about the requirements for your program, please contact the Office of Academic Advising Support at 773-325-7431.

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Yes, many of the languages from these countries can be studied at DePaul.