Visit Days at DePaul

As the weather starts to cool down, I can almost feel the excitement that comes with the beginning of the school year. The nervous, excited faces of new freshmen will soon inject a bit of excitement into the campus and remind everyone that these are the best times of our lives. The freshman awe quickly passes as students get familiar with the campus and begin to make new friends and create their own memories.

As soon as the school year begins, the whole campus buzzes with excitement. The first events of the year are the Fall Visit Days, held for prospective students to give them an introductory look at DePaul. This is the first time many students have a chance to see the campus, and it is an experience that can make or break the college search.

My senior year of high school, the visit to DePaul left me astounded by the seemingly massive college atmosphere. The day starts off with an information session from the Dean, where she highlights admission procedures. There are student volunteers all over the Student Center to answer questions and offer their own insights to what makes up the “DePaul experience”.

The tour was my favorite part, although I’m sure that’s nearly always the case for high school students. My guide was an enthusiastic political science major that gave me a ton of personalized information about my own program and really got me excited about DePaul. After the tour we separated into “major interest sessions”, where I actually got to talk with one of my future professors about the political science program.

Everything about that day, proved that this was where I belonged. I applied to DePaul that same day. This visit defined my college search. I definitely encourage anyone interested in DePaul to come to one of these days and have the “DePaul experience” for your selves!