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Amanda Bergeron

Some things about me? I am a girl with a dream. A very simple dream, mostly involving burritos and Netflix. I am currently a freshman at DePaul with the hopes of fulfilling an MA in Public Relations & Advertising. I was raised in the outskirts of Chicago in the suburb of Bloomingdale. Almost 19 years ago I was welcomed into my family by my mother and father, a teacher and an artist. I have two older brothers that have taught me to be immune to being tickled, and how to defend myself with my tiny fists of fury. I am a survivor of many stubbed toes and deep paper cuts. I am also superb at parallel parking and speed walking.

Things I fancy: my cat and partner in crime whom I call Big White, putting cheese on top of everything I eat, James Franco's face, quoting "Arrested Development" and "The Simpsons," mini pigs in rain boots, old SNL skits, "Breaking Bad," a perfectly made PB&J minus the J, Salvador Dali and his crazy mustache.  

Things I don't fancy: the commercials in between my songs on Pandora, apartheid, fruit flies, when tabasco gets on my fingers and then I rub my eye later that day, Band-Aids in the pool, brain parasites, actually any type of parasite, the word moist, bad Christopher Walken impressions, when all the ham is gone.  

In my free time I enjoy chilling by the lake or exploring Chicago armed with my U-pass. If I'm feeling extra coordinated, I like biking by the lake or playing volleyball. Chicago is DePaul's playground, so take advantage of all the amazing opportunities and variety of pizza slices. If I'm not roaming around campus, you can find me chuckling to myself and drinking mediocre coffee on the 3rd floor of the library.  

I hope this gave you a little insight into my crazy brain and who I am. I am looking forward to sharing all my fun, difficult, and unique experiences I will have as a freshman at DePaul University. 

~ Amanda Bergeron