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Apartment Living

​Apartment hunting can be a major drag, especially when you are on a time crunch. Unlike most of my buds that I made freshman year at DePaul, I decided that I would move straight into an apartment during the summer instead of going home. Why would I move out of Chicago when I had yet to experience the glory of lake side jogs, farmers markets, street shows, free baseball games, and movies in the park?! The idea of going back home to suburbia was out of the question.

I’ll gladly skip ahead to the “Happily Ever After” of apartment shopping and spare you the drama. I found an apartment without having to sell a vital organ!!!! WOOPIE! By “apartment” I mean a dusty, but spacious, area with walls above a bar in Wrigleyville. This place was a no brainer because it is only a 15 minute commute to Lincoln Park campus and a prime area for people watching and pizza munching. We did have a mouse problem once, but that is taken care of (RIP Brian).

Rent is fairly cheap and living off campus is refreshing in the sense that it gives me some physical and mental distance from school. By not having to follow the rules that come with dorm life, I feel a stronger sense of independence and freedom. Also, the freedom of having an apartment allowed me and my roommates to buy a kitten!!

Our kitten Alfred
Although quiet hours are relatively nonexistent, I must say that I miss a lot of things about living in the dorms. The convenience of dorming made it easier to hang out with friends because they live a few halls down, instead of having to take the el like I do now. I also miss being able to do my laundry in the same building. Now, because it is winter, I have to trek down the ice covered stairs to get to the basement of the building next door to throw my clothes in a washer that works half the time. I’M NOT BITTER. Now that I am not on campus anymore, I am not nearly as motivated to go to the gym. I tried doing an at home workout once though (I’m lying).

All in all, both dorm life and apartment living are all things to adjust to. Elements like grocery shopping, remembering to pay rent and utilities, cleaning the entire apartment are all new variables that I have to fit into my life. Am I an adult yet? I’ll keep you updated on my progress.