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DERBY 2015

​​​As a kid who grew up in the outskirts of Chicago the idea of the Kentucky Derby​ has had really no significance to
me, but for my buddies Grant and Lena the Derby ​is at the height of excitement when it comes to spring activities. Although I have no betting money to shell out, I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to be surrounded by giant hats that 
shouldn't be considered hats, and horses that have better hair than I do.

My skin/body/soul is not meant for the Kentucky sun so about 9 layers of sunscreen was applied within the duration of the outing….so pale. Honestly, in the crowd of over 294,000 people you could probably spot me out pretty easily from an aerial view.

The whole day passed insanely fast, especially with all of the prime people watching. To be clear, we didn’t sit in the fancy seats that surround the race track. We sat in the epicenter of Churchill Downs​ in a giant cluster of people in the middle of the field. See picture for reference.

The infield is a delicate mixture of fraternity brothers, the elderly with modest income, and Kentucky locals. Where did I fit into that? Probably more with the elderly on account of the fact that I napped for an hour the second we got there and really stressed to everyone around me the importance of hydration.

Churchill Downs on Derby Day is essentially a sea of giant hats, photo finishes, and several explanations on how to bet correctly. I’m insanely grateful for the wide range of people that attend DePaul. My buds are from all over of the country which gives ample opportunity to see where they come from and share some new experiences together. If you ever have the opportunity to check out Louisville, Kentucky​ for a long weekend, give it a go and please for the love of all things holy do not forget the sunscreen.