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DePaul After Dark

In order to establish closer ties within the DePaul community, Campus Recreation holds many special events throughout the year. The most recent event was for all the students that want to relive their recess glory days. The theme was retro sports and students were encouraged to dust off their playground game skills in events like four square, knockout, hopscotch, tether ball, and more! I don’t know about you, but when I was a 5th grader I DOMINATED at four square. Although I am not nearly as limber and quick as my 5th grade self, it was nice to see that I still have SOME physical ability when it comes to sports.

This event was also put together in order to celebrate Blue Demon Week. The amount of school spirit that was condensed into the gym was overwhelming! Before entering the gym there was a giant Jenga competition outside in the lobby. We are talking GIANT Jenga pieces, guys. As if that game needed to be MORE suspenseful. Students in the DePaul Dodgeball Society were even decked out in matching uniforms!

Many of these team work oriented games really bring about a sense of comradery and silliness to the DePaul community, which is perfect for this time of year since finals are about to roll around. The idea for a retro game night is a stellar one, especially for winter time! This event gave students the opportunity to escape the snow and burn off a layer (or two) of that winter fluff we all know we have. Events like double dutch, swing dancing, and skip it made that possible. 

If you do not dabble in the world of hand eye coordination or intense physical movement, they also had a bingo and canvas bag decorating station!  Campus Recreation frequently updates their Facebook and Instagram (depaulcampusrec) with event info as well as an insider look at the students who make events like retro sports night possible.