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DePaul Art Museum

LOOK, you can be cultured for free!!!

This five star university museum is located directly next to the Fullerton train station and is by far one of my favorite buildings on campus. What this museum lacks in space, it makes up for with its welcoming ambiance and gorgeous view of Lincoln Park.

​This unpretentious museum has exhibits large enough to be interesting, but small enough to avoid the dreaded “museum fatigue.” I am always impressed with the wide variety of art that is showcased in this treasure trove that I feel many students overlook. The museum displays local artists, outsider art, and even touches on contemporary issues including feminism and war. The gallery serves as an experimental laboratory that showcases an innovative approach to art and culture.​

Many of the projects seen at the gallery are historical or thematic in nature, but The DePaul Art Museum has made a commitment to display contemporary art as a means of exploring aspects of our very own culture.  

Although the museum is closed for instillation until the end of January, they are re-opening with a brand new exhibition titled “Rooted in Soil.” The new exhibition is said to bring together works by contemporary artists that explore the life-sustaining but overlooked medium of soil. Rooted in Soil will be showcased until mid-April.

Not a fan of dirt? Click the link below for more info about upcoming events, collections, and exhibitions.