​​​The Art Expo is BACK!

What better way to kick off the fall season than to spend it surrounded by art with a cinnamon spiced mocha in hand. Expo Chicago is an international exposition in which the leading contemporary and modern artists showcase their work. I made sure to wear tennis shoes since the thought of strolling through 140 galleries already hurt my feet. I think art challenges people and can change the world. I find contemporary art the most challenging  because I find myself just zooming past the galleries because the art itself doesn't strike me as appealing or thought provoking. The more and more I visit galleries that are packed with modern and contemporary art, I see myself gaining more interest and knowledge about a wide variety of topics.  As an art lover myself, this experience was well worth the mere $15 I spent on a ticket, although it was nothing short of overwhelming. ​


Spanning the globe across 16 countries and 47 cities, the art that was showcased came is all shapes, sizes, and mediums. Although I am not known to be the most glitzy gal, one of my favorite pieces was a giant mirror that was commissioned by Tiffany & Co. The mirror was constructed using 856 individually hand-cut pieces and were placed in a mosaic fashion. The piece was mostly used as a hot spot

for selfies since it is a giant mirror, but after the millennials moved along it gave me an opportunity to get up close to the mirror and try to absorb the talent that was put into it.

This exhibit was a visual feast!

Below is one of the most expensive pieces I have ever seen sold at an art show. $50,000 later this colorful and decorative artwork was hauled off. That is an INSANE amount of dollars. That's like 50,000 McChickens right there. I can't even. 

Although the exhibition is now ever, I highly suggest poping in next year to get a glimpse of how the other side lives.