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As my last quarter of my sophomore year comes to a start, I realize that it’s time to start revamping the way I do things during the school year. Quarters go by so quickly and it is always toward the end of the school year that I decide to reflect and spice up the rhythm of my weekly outside of school schedule. With this in mind, I conjured up a list of things I should REALLY be doing during the school year and habits I want to slowly but surely slide into my life.

GO TO MORE DEPAUL SPONSORED EVENTS: I always kick myself after missing a free event held at DePaul. Only in college will I have the opportunity to sit in on forums and listen to established and well known people talk before me. Not to mention sometimes there is free food. The events that are held are not always in my zone of interest, but that shouldn't hinder me from at least stopping in and checking it out. A specific future event that I am attending is called Cultivating Compassion. During this event DePaul students have the opportunity to interact and engage with a Buddhist nun that studied under the Dalai Lama.

GO TO THE GYM MORE: The Ray Meyer Fitness Center does not only have the best Blue Demon smoothies, but they happen to have really intense yoga session that is free. Okay, so the intro class is free but I usually just keep taking the intro class over and over again because that’s how I roll…. But, I digress. During freshman year I made it a habit to hit the gym at least 3 times a week, but now that I live off campus it seems a little harder to get my lazy bones over there. Although I have yet to try out the weight lifting zone, I am getting better at NOT being winded when I walk up the stairs.

STOP DRINKING COFFEE: Ohhh jeez, this one is a toughie. Truthfully I feel that a cup of coffee in the morning keeps me awake for about 27 minutes, but I can’t help but kick the habit of drinking it every day right when I wake up…..and then continuously throughout the day. I noticed that if I go a day without coffee I feel borderline ill. Sleepy, groggy, and irritable just begins to explain the withdrawal my body is feeling without sweet, sweet caffeine.

Now that I’ve written these down it feels way more concrete. I’ll keep cyberspace up to date on my progress.​