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Maggie Daley Park has been under construction since what feels like the beginning of time. The city’s first ice skating ribbon opened during winter intersession, so naturally I gathered up a group of buds that stayed in the city over break to test out the new rink.

After waiting for the Zamboni to do whatever the heck it does, we geared up with our $12 rental skates and hit the ice (Pro Tip: bring your own skates). Literally, I hit the ice with my body. I am not the most coordinated person even on solid, non-slippery terrain. The ribbon shaped course seemed pretty basic until you glide a few yards and the path begins to elevate. This was a surprise to both me and my gluteus maximus. Despite my best efforts, I never truly got the hang of it the way Chazz Michael Michaels did in Blades of Glory. The one perplexing question is why would anyone design a skating rink with inclines? Regardless, the new park is beautifully designed and harbors a perfect vantage point for unique views of the skyline.  

Construction on this site is still underway, but it seems to me that this place may be my new favorite summer hangout spot. Installation of a rock climbing wall has begun, along with modern playground equipment in the shape of a ship and lighthouse. My gut is telling me that most of the park attractions are supposed to appeal to children, but my gut is also telling me that I am young at heart and no one can stop from becoming one with a jungle gym. This $60 million park will bring a whole new experience when visiting Chicago. Due to the fact that is adjacent to Millennium Park, folks can visit the Bean and then visit Maggie Daley Park to play in Chicago’s front yard. Stay tuned for live-action photos of me climbing the rock wall with a bunch of little kids.​