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Editing Class

As I continue to narrow down exactly what type of career I want to go into, I decided to take an editing class in hope of mastering Adobe Premiere Pro​. I figured even if I don’t go into the digital cinema​ realm it is still a great resume builder to be able to understand and navigate an interface.  There is no prerequisite to this course (DC220), so feel free to dive in if you’re interested in editing that takes place for all types of video media, just remember to buy a big external flash drive. 

During this course we have analyzed and assembled dramatic scenes under a variety of conditions and narrative strategies. For example, our first assignment was to watch all the different takes of footage from an old short film call “The Hold Up”. The shots were jumbled up and we were supposed to put them and edit them in whatever sequence we thought fit. I loved this because my professor really stressed that there is no right way to edit the footage. Yes, there is a specific passing of time in the film, but the length of each shot and the way we splice them together is all up to us. It just has to make sense to any type of viewer. This class makes it so that the first step towards mastering the art of video editing involves trusting our individual creative skills and judgments. 

We also are introduced to the fact that there are difference types of formats, conversions, and aspect ratios that play a big part in the editing world. The beauty about these things or about Adobe Premiere in general, is that if you are interested in taking your projects to the next step you can always look up the Premiere manual or tutorials online. 

Through interactive lectures, demonstrations, readings, and projects, I have successfully been able to get the basics as well as some advanced techniques in Adobe Premier.