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What NOT to pack

Packing for college is both exciting and overwhelming. Personally, figuring out what to bring was a daunting task (as I am a novice hoarder). Before entering college I knew that I really wanted to downsize by only bringing the essentials instead of cluttering my entire dorm ​with tiny thrift store knickknacks. Here are some general things you should never bring. 
Your ENTIRE closet - I know you might think you’re going to need that specific blue shirt for something someday, but I promise you it will just stay on the same hanger for the entire school year. From my experience, I usually end up wearing the same outfits over again or even multiple times if it isn’t dirty because who has time for laundry?  Not I. A lot of dorms do not have big closets so you heavy shoppers out there might have to make somewhat of a sacrifice. If you want to make less trips from your car to dorm room on move in day, make sure to hold off on every item in your shoe collection. 

Ironing board - I can’t even remember the logic I used for bringing an ironing board to school, but it definitely was a flawed one. Nobody got time for that. If anything bring a small steamer to get the wrinkles out of your clothes or better yet just use the steam from the shower. It works, people, it really works. 

Coffee maker/Hot plate - You will be an RA’s worst nightmare. Although instant coffee would be extremely convenient, it is potentially dangerous to you and everyone in the building. I got my poor coffee maker taken away the first week because I neglected to thoroughly read what DePaul suggest we leave at home.
Check out this link if you’re curious about what is not allowed in DePaul dorms!

Happy packin’!

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