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Springtime in Wrigley

Springtime in Chicago means BASEBALL​! Whether you root for the Cubs​, Sox​, or neither, the energy is high all around the city for sports lovers. Although I myself am not a huge sports person, I am a part of the Wrigleyville ​community so the Cubs are something that is unavoidable. Picture me crawling through a flock of loud fans outside of the field with 5 grocery bags and a backpack thinking about the best route to get to my apartment while hoping my bags don’t break all over the feet of party seeking sports lovers. Although living a block away from Wrigley Field has its down falls sometimes, I think the vitality of this neighborhood is just what I need to get out of my winter funk.

Yesterday I made the spontaneous decision to go to the Cubs vs. Padres game at Wrigley. All of the tickets online were not being sold anymore, so I decided to hit the streets and find someone selling tickets outside of the field. I got pretty good seats for $15 after haggling down the price. Like I said earlier, I am not a die-hard fan, but the environment is fun to be around. If I’m being EXTRA adventurous I would sell my left kidney for a hotdog and cubs shirt. This time I decided to save the money and the organ and opted to eat at Al’s Beef directly after the game.

Springtime in Chicago further reminds me why I moved here in the first place. There is now a constant buzz around every city street. People are ready to bust out the sandals and beach towels to try and forget about the harsh winter that froze over the city.

Here’s to another sunny season in my favorite city!