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Assaf Evron

​One of the many reasons I took a contemporary art class was to acquire more information on a domain of art that I do not understand. Contemporary art has always been a struggle for me and I’ve been known to shrug it off or dismiss it completely. Seriously, it boggles my brain. 

After realizing my insolence, I decided it was time to submerge myself in something that confuses me to either solidify or alter my opinions. I am grateful that our class had Assaf Evron, an Independent Artist/Consultant at The Shpilman Institute for Photography, come speak to the class about his work and involvement with the broad spectrum that is contemporary art. His photo-based works focus on the structures and forms of the overlooked and unappreciated. 
What I found effective about the artist's talk was that he showcased many different types of work he has created instead of focusing on the process of just one. This opened up a whole new set of conversations. He also explained his work with colorspace which is a graphic representation of mathematical formulas. That’s right, he took a math formula and created art with it. I can barely wrap my head around advanced math so this was way out of my comfort zone.  

Not only has he proved that the culture of contemporary art has no boundaries, but neither does the major you attain in college. Assaf Evron earned his BA from the department of General History at the Tel Aviv University and is working and making living outside the realm of “general history”. I think sometimes people, including myself, put too much pressure on picking a major when it is apparent that you don’t always end up in the field that your major pertains to. Having a general direction is safe, but it is important to know that life is full of flexibility and a particular major doesn’t automatically put you in a category for a specific career until you die.

Stretch the boundaries like Assaf.
Check out his web page below.

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