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Quimby's Bookstore

​The sun finally made an appearance this weekend after what feels like months of cloudiness, so some gal pals and I decided it was time to get out of the house and cruise around Wicker Park. Naturally, we were hunting for tacos. The wait for a table was pretty long, but we were all really avid about consuming tacos so we took that opportunity to stroll around Wicker. 

During our impromptu adventure we came across the gems of all gems. Quimby’s bookstore lives right off of the Damen blue line​. Quimby’s is by no means a normal book store… it’s not even your usual indie bookstore. They offer tons and tons of independently produced zines in addition to saucy graphic novels and well-curated fiction. This place takes indie to a whole new level with their vintage photo booth and sculptures made out of rusty nails and recycled metal. 

If you are unaware of the actual definition of a “zine,” it is a small circulation of self-published work often reproduced via a photocopier. Although it may seem low in budget, the artistic quality is usually off the charts.  Below are some pictures of the zines and short stories my roommate and I picked up--

Although the space is the size of a kidney bean because it’s filled wall to wall with imaginative weird things, Quimby’s frequently holds special events. For the past 4 years, Quimby’s has hosted a Zlumber party in their store (get it?). The point is to pack the store with artists and
creative writers for an overnight slumber party. Participants are encouraged to bring good vibes and jammies in case they want to catch some zzz’s after working on their zine. Of course, you can leave whenever you want (YOU ARE NOT HELD CAPTIVE). Free food is provided which is more than enough reason to go because….well it’s food.