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DePaul Drag

​On May 1st I got to witness the DePaul Drag Show. Act Out, a DePaul club affiliated with LGBTQ, set up the show at Cortelyou Commons. The place was jam packed with drag lovers and queens (and kings) of all shapes and sizes. There were fur coats, wigs of all kinds, pristine makeup, and 6 inch heels. During the program, the queens got to perform a dance to the song of their choice. Every performance was sassy and saucy and I never knew I would experience something like this at DePaul. I don’t even have words to describe how amazing it was to be surrounded by the most supportive and accepting peers. At the end of all of the performances there was a lip sync/dance off between the three finalists. To me, they are all winners.  The amount of courage they have to show off their true colors is admirable. DePaul is truly a place of diversity.

DePaul will also be putting on another drag show on May 12th. During this show there will be a professional drag queen from the hit TV show Rupaul’s Drag Race performing.

Check out Act Out’s Twitter as well as LGBTQ.​