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In between inhaling cheese fries and making elevator rides as awkward as possible, I juggle 3 jobs and a full course load of school work. Trying to balance multiple jobs and school is a reality for many students. Anything from a fun night out with friends to paying for books, the money has to come from somewhere. If you are fortunate enough to have some of your spending money supplemented by your family, I still believe that having a job can expand your social network and communication skills.

Luckily, I landed a job as a desk receptionist at the DePaul dorms. The shifts are 4 hours in duration and it is very easy to trade shifts because, as we all know, sometimes plans happen spontaneously. What especially rules about this job is that not only do you get paid to sit down, but you get to make friends with people you normally wouldn’t run into. This job has made it easy for me to stay in touch with the campus community even with my tight schedule.

Truth be told, the highlight of working the desks at a college campus has to be all the connections you make with the food delivery people. I’m pleased to say that not ONCE have I purchased Insomnia Cookies because the delivery people are so dang nice. Now I’m not saying that if you become a DR (desk receptionist) that you will automatically get free yummy things, but if you be genuinely nice the world will do you a favor sometimes. I don’t even have a huge sweet tooth but the fact that it’s free makes all the difference for a typical money-less college kid like myself.

Another perk to this job is that it gives you time to get homework done. For example, I am literally writing this blog while I man the desk at University Hall. Also, I suffer from chronic procrastination and if I am just sitting at a desk and the only thing I have in front of me is my sociology textbook I’ll just suck it up and read. Although internet access is limited, a four hour timespan creates a sweet environment to get some easy reading or journal entries done. Research papers or other types of assignments that might need to be supplemented by the internet are a little more difficult to get done.

I honestly suggest looking into getting a job on campus such as desk reception (or at least be a delivery person and hook ‘em up with some food because hunger is real during those shifts).

If you’re interested in finding an on-campus job or how to prepare for a position…check out the site below.