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Discover Vs. Explore Chicago

First-year students get to choose to enroll in Discover Chicago or Explore Chicago. Both classes teach new students about university life, resources at DePaul, and how to be a financially successful student. I remember back in the day, or 7 months ago, when I had to choose between these two classes. Both courses have many class options ranging from underground music, Irish culture, AIDS awareness, poetry, jazz, ect..

If you’re as eager as I was to get started at DePaul, you might want to check out Discover Chicago. These classes are usually smaller (about 22 students) and you get to move in one week before the official start of Autumn Quarter.  With Discover, students get to be immersed in the city and get a feel for the campus before all other classes begin. For me, immersion week was the best! It is easy to bond with classmates even if you're as awkward as I am because the excursion are enjoyable and the class size is small. I even met my current best lady friend in my class and we are getting an apartment this summer! My Discover Jazz class wandered throughout the city every single day and enjoyed the sights. We went to museums, parks, the lake, and they bought us all Panera which was a plus. I’ve never learned so much about the city and I’ve been living 30 minutes away from it my whole life. 

Check out this link to decide if Discover or Explore is right for you: