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So my freshman year is coming to an end. Only four finals and I am finished! This is a bittersweet feeling because this has been the most exciting/challenging/scary/fun school year I have ever experienced. I will miss dorm life and I will certainly miss living on campus.

As I started to pack up my belongings I realized that my food plan still has $400+ on it. At DePaul the food plan money rolls over each quarter, but not onto the next school year. Although I am a food consuming monster, I know there is no way that I will be able to eat $400 worth of food in less than two weeks. THANKFULLY DePaul offers students the opportunity to bulk buy items from our little grocery/convenient store called Ect. located in the Student Center.

Being able to bulk buy has been super convenient because now I have enough salsa to last me for eternity. They didn't sell tortilla chips, so that is my most recent problem. BUT HEY, SALSA! I was able to purchase many non-perishables like an ungodly amount of Reeses, Cheerios, and granola bars.  Other things being sold were Gatorade, toilet paper, plastic cups/plates, Naked Juice, Starbucks drinks, and all the dip a college kid could ask for.

You guys should seriously consider buying bulk instead of letting that money go to waste! If you need any salsa please contact me.
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