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Food Trucks or Bust

One of the greatest things about nice weather in Chicago is the insane amount of food trucks that could be found around almost every corner.  Whether you are wandering the city at 1:00am or on your way to class, food trucks are a great way to experience different cultures on the go. My personal favorite is the Wow Bao truck. They serve these medium size dough balls of Asian food yummygoodness. The truck doesn't always have the full menu, but I love it anyway. I stalk this truck on a weekly basis because they give their location on twitter if you hashtag #bunsontherun.

Although Wow Bao buns are magically delicious, the Tamale Spaceship is top notch quality when it comes to food and entertainment. TAMALE SPACESHIP! The name alone is a winner. A man in a traditional Mexican wrestling mask distributes the heavenly tamales and says things like “Blast off,” and other spaceship related sayings. The Spaceship lands at the same spot four days out of the week so no need for roaming!

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