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Gravity Test

​“Risk taker” would not be a word my friends would describe me as. Loud? Yes. Frizzy? Depending on the humidity level…yes. I am so content with letting gravity hold me to the ground as I watch Netflix and eat Doritos in my bed, but I couldn’t shake the urge to do something remotely risky. Some say skydivers have a death wish, but I am a full believer that they wish to live and when I say live I mean LIVE. On October 5th 2014, I decided it was time that I experienced LIVING at a much much higher altitude.

As a precaution, Skydive Midwest makes each jumper sign a liability form in case a disaster were to occur. Statistically speaking I had a bigger chance of getting into a deadly car crash on the drive to Skydive Midwest than getting hurt during the actual jump. I think my safety depended mostly on me not panicking on the plane ride up. Just for future reference, do not sit next to me on any plane ride. I despise those aluminum torture machines….that being said, I am totally okay with being pushed out of one. 
At 14,000 I was harnessed to a professional sky wizard (and stone cold babe), Tim, and was reminded that a backup parachute will automatically deploy at 1,500 feet if (for some reason) the initial parachute fails to launch. THEN CAME THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. We waddled towards the door and 3..2…1.. I was flying.

 I wish I could formulate the words to describe the feeling. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think about the parachute. It was beyond liberating.

Check out the video of me falling towards mother earth. Prepare yourself for “rock on” hand signs that I don’t even remember doing. Adrenaline is a crazy thing, my friends. I recommend a high dose every now and then.