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Not Going on Spring Vacation?

​While your friends are getting tan at Santa Monica Beach, don’t sit at home being bitter. Here are some things you can do over spring break if you aren’t lucky enough to leave the state.

1)      Look for scholarships- I know I know, thinking about school is the last thing you want to do over break. Hear me out though…. Writing scholarship essays is hard enough during the school year, so take this free time to buckle down and try to score some free money!! There are many different scholarship sites that allow to create a free account and access countless scholarship applications. GET TO IT!

2)      Check out study abroad programs- Ever wonder which way toilets flush in Europe or what the Eiffel Tower REALLY looks like? DePaul has a vast selection of countries to visit WHILE getting college credit. From Asia to Australia, DePaul gives their students the option to study abroad and learn about different cultures. You can also check out outside study abroad programs such as the Erasmus Programme. You have the option to study in 3 different countries with this exchange program (and to be honest it is much cheaper than any other program I’ve seen). Personally, I want to go to Norway because they actually PAY students to go to college over there. Crazy. Click the link below for more info on that jazz.

3)      Eat mass amounts of cereal- Everybody likes cereal right? Whether it’s Bran Flakes or Apple Jacks you should go nom on some right now. Cereal is acceptable to eat at any time of the day. You probably are not on a beach so don’t worry about the food baby. Just eat the dang cereal.

4)      Put new music on your iPod- I don’t know about you, but I still have music from middle school on my iPod. Spring break is a good time to find some new tunes and ditch the old ones (sorry Jonas Brothers…your time has come & it is long overdue). 

5)      Netflix- Okay so this is an obvious one. Netflix has saved me from countless hours of boredom and has never let me down (except the time they took down James and the Giant Peach before I could watch it… but I digress). Kick back, relax, watch some House of Cards because once school starts again your Netflix time will shrink at an alarming rate.