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Oz and Resident Events

Living in the dorms definitely has its perks. The residence halls put together events for the students and they usually include free food so you cant go wrong with that. Some friends and I decided to join in and go see The Wizard of Oz on Broadway.  BUT FIRST, my amazing residence director, Tracy, got us all Chipotle. After becoming uncomfortably full, the University Hall gang went over to the Cadillac Palace to visit Dorothy and Toto. We had prime seats in the balcony.

What I'm trying to tell you guys is that living in the dorms provides students with opportunities others will not receive. There will constantly be posters and signs throughout the buildings alerting students of upcoming (and mostly free) events. The RAs do an amazing job of trying to make everybody feel a part of the DePaul community. I think living in a dorm is just a part of the typical college experience. Although DePaul is considered a commuter school, it is safe to say that I am very happy that I chose living in the dorms my freshman year. I have met the best group of people and even my future roommates. Although some of the safety procedures (like checking in guests) might seem tedious after a while, it is all done to protect you and make you feel safe in your temporary home.

If you decide to live in the dorms as a freshman try to soak up all the events and opportunities while they last. College is supposed to be the best 4+ years of our lives, so take every opportunity DePaul provides and go beyond your comfort zone.