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A Guide to Rocky Horror Live

Rocky Horror is the first true audience participation film. Viewers are known to yell back lines during extended pauses in the scenes. People dress up in outrageous costumes and enjoy the 100 minute long rock- musical horror film. (By the way there is not gore in this “horror” film).

This month I did something I’ve been waiting all year to do. The Rocky Horror Picture Show live performance plays all year round at The Music Box Theater, but I thought it would be WAY more fun to go during Halloween. This cult classic is a horror parody filled with sci-fi, rock & roll, and the lair of a transvestite (a character named Dr. Frank-N-Furter).

During the live perforce, the movie plays in the background while (very dedicated) performers act out the scene playing behind them. Basically it’s just a sandwich of entertainment. In order to be prepared for this type of unique experience it is important that you remember to bring a good sense of humor. Dressing up like one of the characters will always get you some points, but the main thing here is that you should show up feeling as comfortable as possible. I did not dress up as a specific character, but I did dress in attire inspired by this film (sparkly hat, fish nets, high waisted pants, and a bow tie).

Show goers are also encouraged to bring props!!! This show relies heavily on audience participation, so get ready to be a fool. Props include (but are not limited to) rice, water pistols, newspaper, confetti, and toast. Just find a piece of toast and you’ll fit it, basically.

Even if you don’t know the film too well, the vibe of the theater is like no other. Make the most of your first experience and don’t hold back. Check out the Music Box home page for details about viewing times.

You can see the trailer below.