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Meals on the Go

I have officially joined the trend of smoothie making​. First it was juicing, then eating kale and then quinoa​. BUT making smoothies has been my new favorite thing to do in the morning, even if my neighbors get mad at me about the noise. The benefits of making smoothies reside in the fact that they are easy to make and are jam packed with victims that you probably wouldn’t get anywhere else in your daily meals. They are protein filled and immune boosting, which is exactly what I need during the winter months. Honestly, blending your way to better health couldn’t be easier.

Here are some of my favorite filling recipes:

Mango & Yogurt Smoothie:
1/6 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups plain yogurt
2 cups frozen mango
1 tablespoon honey

Everything in My Freezer Smoothie:
Frozen banana
Frozen mango
Frozen strawberry
Frozen chocolate chips because why not
2 cups yogurt
1 cup almond milk

There is seriously no wrong way to make a smoothie, unless of course you blend some nasty combos like spinach and ginger. No thanks. The reason I am advocating so hard for smoothie making is because I have been so rushed for time in the morning because of MIDTERMS. This tactic has made both my schedule and my tummy happy. Try it out!