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Spring Break 2015: Doing Nothing

​​​When I say I did nothing during spring break, I mean NOTHING. Sure I spent some time with friends lounging at a lake house for a few days, and I DID get a lot of movies off of my Netflix queue…. but compared to everyone else’s vacation spent in a new state or going abroad I didn’t do much at all. At first, I was disappointed that I wasn’t very productive and that I took a week off of work, but some quality lounge time turned out to be the stress reducer that I really needed.

I actually got 8 hours of sleep every night for a consecutive seven days which is something I haven’t had in who knows how long. College, so far, has meant a sleeping schedule far from ideal. A spring break jam packed with nothingness gave me time to recharge my brain juice and balance my mind back to a normal state. Catching up on my sleep drastically improved my mood which made it very obvious that I should try harder during the school year to at least take a nap or two during the week if I can’t get a full 8 hours.

Sitting around my apartment also gave me ample time to figure out exactly what I wanted for the following quarter. I took it upon myself to get a full 18 credit hour course load and added a class that meets once a week at the Art Institute​. Although a degree in art history ​isn’t on my to do list, over break I realized that if I am paying to be a part of the DePaul community I might as well take all the credits offered and make the most of my time here.

While I was eating Girl Scout cookies I my bed all I was receiving were Snapchats and Facebook updates filled with pictures and videos of people on their break. To me it seemed that people were spending all of their time documenting their trip instead of living in it. Not doing much over break while everyone was away gave me the opportunity to unplug from the internet, as well as my cell phone. I think we all get wrapped up in our Snapchats and Instagram accounts that we forget we have the choice to step away from that. Stepping away from my phone is what I did which gave me more time to snuggle with the king of cats, Big White.
Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the chance to leave the city during spring break. Some time alone is healthy and hard to come by during the school year. EMBRACE IT!​​​​