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The Den

​​​​​A buddy of mine had an extra ticket to a play that was being performed in Wicker Park​, and due to my love for theater and inability to deny a cash free evening I could NOT say no. We ended up finding a hidden gem on Milwaukee Ave which further convinced me that I have not even seen a quarter of what Chicago has to offer.

Even if you don’t enjoy plays, just go to The Den Theater​ to hang in the lobby. Walking into The Den feels like you’re walking into a hip Victorian lady’s living room. Mismatched leather couches are scattered throughout the lobby accompanied by what seems to be floating vintage frames and art pieces along one wall. The room is lined with old-style drapes with the recent add on of a small bar and café. It really is a beautiful and homey environment. 

The stage we saw our show on was decorated like a circus with party decorations hanging down from the ceiling. The candles in the mason jars were synchronized with the tone of the play. When it got real quiet and serious the candles began to get dimmer and dimmer. This added to the entire ambiance. They also have a broad selection of board games in the café ranging from Taboo ​to the Game of Thrones strategy game.

While searching for this place we completely missed it so keep your eyes peeled.