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Why Wait? - DePaul's Combined BA/MA Program

Why wait?

That’s the question I kept asking myself while looking at my plans for after graduation. I knew that I wanted to pursue my master’s degree in communication, but when? Fortunately, DePaul’s combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (BA/MA) programs allows students to earn both a BA and an MA in an accelerated period of time. So, instead of graduating from DePaul, working for a while, and then coming back to get my master’s degree, I could complete both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at within 5 years.

How does it work? Well, when a student is accepted to a 5-year BA/MA program, he or she will take 3 graduate courses during their senior year. Here’s the cool part: those 3 graduate courses count for BOTH undergraduate and graduate credits, but are included in the undergraduate tuition price! Oh, and one more perk – students returning to DePaul for their graduate degree receive 25% off of their master’s degree tuition with our Double Demon Discount.

I applied to the 5-year combined BA/MA program in Relational Communication (yes, it’s a mouthful!) in the spring of my junior year at DePaul. Two weeks later, I received that glorious letter with the word “Congratulations” in the first line. Summer flew by, and it was time to start my senior year.

I’ll admit, I was terribly nervous. My first graduate-level course? As a senior? Yikes.

But, I have to tell you, it was awesome.

 I just completed by first graduate course: Foundations in Communication Studies with Dr. Lexa Murphy (pictured.) While it was a challenging course, it was the first time I could delve into specific communication topics. During the class, I chose to research topic of deception. So, look out, now I’m better at spotting liars.​

Me and Dr. Murphy after my final presentation on Deception Detection

I’ll be graduating with a double major in Communication Studies and Spanish this June, 2015. And the next June? I’ll have my Master’s in Relational Communication. Crazy!

Are you thinking about getting your graduate degree at DePaul? Check out the combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (BA/MA) programs.

Because, well, why wait?​​

Connecting on Social Media

Hello and welcome to DeBlogs! I'm Anna Hanson, and I am currently a senior in the Honor's Program double majoring in Communication Studies and Spanish. Yes, I know, that was a lot of words. When I first came to DePaul, like many incoming freshmen, I was not sure about what I wanted to study. However, I discovered what I am passionate about through my coursework and experiences at DePaul. I am now thrilled to be working as the Social Media Coordinator intern for DePaul's Office of Undergraduate Admission.

I came all the way from Boulder, Colorado to attend DePaul. I didn't know a single person at the university, let alone in the Midwestern United States. Like many new college students, I was nervous for college. (It's okay, you can admit it, starting college is nerve-wracking!) So, what did I do? 

Like any other teenage human with an internet connection, I went on Facebook. 

I joined my class page and began to talk with other future DePaul students. Today, I now monitor the DePaul class groups on Facebook. You can join the Official Class of 2019 group and begin connecting with your future classmates today. I'll see you there!

I am excited by the power of social media. Everyday, I help to run our @depauladmission and @transferdepaul​ Twitter accounts as well as our Tumblr account,  

You can start exploring DePaul before you even arrive on campus.