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Visiting DePaul

Choosing which college to potentially spend the next four years of your life at definitely isn’t easy. I remember being a senior in high school and scouring the web for any information I could get on what being a student at DePaul was actually like. Luckily, I was able to make a trip to Chicago and spend a couple days exploring the city and touring DePaul’s campuses.

One of the most convenient things about visiting DePaul is that you can virtually do it anytime you like. Not only can interested high school students attend a general information session and tour the campus year round, but students who have already been accepted can join an admitted students info session and campus tour anytime between January and April. As an out of state student, this was something that made visiting the university convenient and that much more exciting.

During my first visit to DePaul, I had already been admitted, so I was able to come with a list of questions about what my next steps would be if I decided to commit, and was able to speak with my tour guide about student life. I ended up touring both Lincoln Park’s Campus as well as the Loop Campus, which is something I definitely recommend. One of the things that ultimately made me choose DePaul was the fact that each of the campuses offered something different. It was nice to be able to be in the thick of the city taking classes among working professionals one day, and then get to step into a quieter neighborhood the next. 

Not only was this my first visit to DePaul, but it was also my first time in Chicago. As a student, we often hear the phrase “the city is your campus” which couldn’t be truer. When you commit to DePaul, you are just as much committing to Chicago as you are the university. My tour guide on my visit recommended a bunch of unique neighborhoods to explore and popular restaurants among students. I also got to learn just how many opportunities DePaul students have to take their learning outside of the classroom by getting jobs and internships in the city.

Whether you’re near or far, spending a day getting to know the ins and outs of student life at DePaul is absolutely what I would recommend anybody who is interested in being a future student. With options for those who are merely curious, to high school seniors who will soon be making a college decision, coming to visit DePaul for yourself is a worthwhile experience.