Visiting DePaul

Choosing which college to potentially spend the next four years of your life at definitely isn’t easy. I remember being a senior in high school and scouring the web for any information I could get on what being a student at DePaul was actually like. Luckily, I was able to make a trip to Chicago and spend a couple days exploring the city and touring DePaul’s campuses.

One of the most convenient things about visiting DePaul is that you can virtually do it anytime you like. Not only can interested high school students attend a general information session and tour the campus year round, but students who have already been accepted can join an admitted students info session and campus tour anytime between January and April. As an out of state student, this was something that made visiting the university convenient and that much more exciting.

During my first visit to DePaul, I had already been admitted, so I was able to come with a list of questions about what my next steps would be if I decided to commit, and was able to speak with my tour guide about student life. I ended up touring both Lincoln Park’s Campus as well as the Loop Campus, which is something I definitely recommend. One of the things that ultimately made me choose DePaul was the fact that each of the campuses offered something different. It was nice to be able to be in the thick of the city taking classes among working professionals one day, and then get to step into a quieter neighborhood the next. 

Not only was this my first visit to DePaul, but it was also my first time in Chicago. As a student, we often hear the phrase “the city is your campus” which couldn’t be truer. When you commit to DePaul, you are just as much committing to Chicago as you are the university. My tour guide on my visit recommended a bunch of unique neighborhoods to explore and popular restaurants among students. I also got to learn just how many opportunities DePaul students have to take their learning outside of the classroom by getting jobs and internships in the city.

Whether you’re near or far, spending a day getting to know the ins and outs of student life at DePaul is absolutely what I would recommend anybody who is interested in being a future student. With options for those who are merely curious, to high school seniors who will soon be making a college decision, coming to visit ​DePaul for yourself is a worthwhile experience.  


The entire college application process is definitely a stressful experience that brings with it a mix of different emotions. Despite the highs and lows that accompany this time in your academic career, the best piece of advice I can give to any high school senior is to forget all the doubts you have and simply apply to any and all schools that interest you.

When I was searching for colleges and universities I was easily overwhelmed with things like acceptance rates and test scores, so much so it led me to not apply to schools that I was interested in. I’ve realized that the college admission process is so much more than what your grade point average is or how well you did on one test. Instead of calculating the chances you have of getting into your dream school, skip the doubt and apply to as many schools as you can.

A major reason why I applied to DePaul was because I knew they had an incredible Public Relations/Advertising program. However, I also had to think about the possibility that I would change my major or career path sometime throughout college. DePaul offers so many different areas of study that I knew I could find something I loved even if I did end up going in a completely different direction.

Often times at DePaul you hear people saying “the city is our classroom” and the phrase could not be more true. It’s one thing to learn out of a textbook, but it’s an entirely different experience getting to test your knowledge out in the real world. The fact that DePaul is situated in one of the best cities in the world is another reason that led me to apply. Chicago offers thousands of jobs and internships across the city, and DePaul is the best resource to help students land their dream position.

I also loved the fact that DePaul is a university founded on Vincentian values, so much so that the school was named after St. Vincent de Paul himself. I was thrilled that DePaul could offer me an amazing college education, but it’s the things DePaul offers outside education that truly led me to apply here. From community service organizations to student government, Greek life, professional development and recreational sports, there is literally something for everyone here at DePaul.

DePaul has been a dream school for myself and thousands of other students across the globe. Good luck to all high school seniors with the college application process, and I encourage each of you to apply to be a blue demon!


Why I Chose DePaul

As an out of state student, I've gotten asked why I chose DePaul more times than I can count. For me it was honestly a no brainer. Between the location, the academics, and the opportunities DePaul is able to give students, it was the perfect fit. Despite committing to DePaul being an easy decision for me, I know the stress the entire college application process puts on a student. After the countless admission essays, college tours, and weighing the costs of different schools, I was more than excited to finally make my decision when May 1st came around. Here are some of the top reasons why I chose DePaul.  

Academics: Even before I graduated high school I knew I wanted to study public relations. When looking up PR programs while I was applying to colleges, I continued to stumble upon DePaul’s program. Through research I was also able to find that PRWeek recognized DePaul as one of the top five PR schools in the U.S. three years in a row. Despite the fact I knew what I wanted to major in long before I my first day of college, I know tons of students go into college undecided on what major they might choose. The great part about DePaul is they literally have a major for everybody. Even though I was fairly certain I would stick with PR, I could rest easy knowing if I wanted to switch majors, I had a ton of options to choose from. 

Choosing DePaul
Location: I grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire in a pretty tiny town. And needless to say, I was eager to move to a big city for college. Boston was too close, LA too far, and New York too big, which made Chicago the perfect fit. The past three years I've spent living in Chicago has been such an amazing experience. There are tons of great foods to eat, shows to see, and festivals to visit. Not only is it a fantastic city to explore, but the career opportunities that can be found throughout the city was something that immediately drew me to DePaul. When I first toured here and heard that many students get real life experience through internships around the city I was beyond excited.   

Campus life: Campus life is also a huge factor that made me choose DePaul in the long run. This includes everything from Vincentian service opportunities, on campus groups and clubs, and study abroad opportunities. While at DePaul I've been apart of tons of different community service projects across the city, joined clubs, and even spent a semester studying abroad in Budapest​. I remember when I first toured DePaul and it seemed like nearly every student was doing something they loved outside of class hours. No matter what interests you, there is a group here on campus that would be a perfect fit.