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Fall Visit Day

By Emily Harris / September 28, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
​​​​​I was terrible at planning college visits. When I was a senior in high school I thought I knew where I wanted to go to school; due to this I made the decision to visit no other colleges. Lucky for me, all of my friends were very excited to visit as many schools as possible. 

I was sitting in physics one day when my friend asked me if I wanted to visit DePaul with her. She needed a ride to the city, and I had nothing to do that weekend, so I agreed to go! I remember going to the store to buy a disposable camera (that I lost as soon as I got home) and registering for the visit day online. When Saturday finally arrived we headed to Lincoln Park, it was the first Fall Visit Day, and we were really excited (and also very nervous). My parents dropped us off in front of the student center so that they could go park our car, and we headed into the building with a large group of people.

I remember that during high school everyone kept telling me that I would “know” when I found the right school for me. Personally, I always thought that this was a lie. I always believed that there were way too many colleges in the world, and I wouldn't be able to find the school that was actually right for me. After attending a Fall Visit Day I realized that everyone was correct. 

The second I stepped out of my car I knew I belonged at DePaul. 

At the visit day, we went on a campus tour, I listened to a presentation about the psychology program, and I got to eat some free food. Overall, it was a really great way to get to know DePaul and the people who go there. Spending the day on campus helped me make my decision to attend DePaul. The second that I got home from Fall Visit Day I filled out my application. 

There is a pretty significant difference between a visit day and a normal tour. At a visit day you get to go to a presentation from a major that you are interested, you go on a campus tour, and you can go to presentations from offices like housing and financial aid (among others). If you are able, I highly suggest that you try to attend a visit day. 

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