A Day in Lincoln Park

On Saturday I took my sister and her friend from out of town here, and we spent the afternoon walking around Lincoln Park. My sister wanted to show her some of our favorite places, so after going to Kibbitznest and playing scrabble, eating chocolate croissants, and doing art, we walked through DePaul’s campus to the infamous parking garage where you see the whole skyline. It’s known because it used to have “the city is yours” spray painted on the top, but that since has been covered up.

After we walked through Oz Park, and made our way to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, a tapas restaurant that has been there since my mom lived in Lincoln Park in her twenties. It was a beautiful atmosphere and beautiful night. It made me appreciate just how many things there are to do within walking distance from campus.

If there had been more time/if it was open, my number 1 favorite place in Lincoln Park is the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool right next to the Lincoln Park Zoo. You walk in and feel like you’re in a whole new world covered with flowers and stones and water and birds – every color is so bright. My favorite thing to do sophomore year was go on a run to there and then sit with a book or journal and enjoy the beautiful view.